Clifford Academy

Clifford Academy serves students who have educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges that cannot be adequately addressed in a traditional public school environment. Individualized education plans vary depending on the specific needs and strengths of each student.

Every Student Matters. Every Moment Counts.

Clifford Academy serves students who have struggled to engage in a traditional public school and/or to meet the academic and behavior expectations in a traditional public school. Our students benefit from the small class size in a therapeutic setting with the support from educators trained in special education and the social/emotional needs of our students. Ultimately, our goal is to work with students to develop the necessary academic, vocational and social emotional skills to thrive in school, at home and in the community.


student/teacher ratio


of teaching staff are licensed special educators


of students have access to clinical care

The Clifford Academy Philosophy

The services offered at the Clifford Academy are built on the foundation and philosophy that each student and family are unique, with their own set of strengths, goals, needs, and circumstances. Interventions are developed on an individualized basis to recognize and value the uniqueness of each student and family constellation. We believe that optimal outcomes occur when the student and family, however self-defined, are actively involved in all aspects of education and overall treatment, including the planning, design, and development of educational plans and treatment interventions.

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The campus is located on 166 scenic acres in Walpole and offers an expansive area for recreational activities such as flag football, hiking, baseball and gardening.

Parents of future Clifford Academy students are invited to visit our campus. However we ask that you schedule your visit so we can best serve you. Please contact us at the link below to schedule your visit with us.

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Clifford Academy is a relationship-centered learning community where students, staff, families and community members work collaboratively to develop every student’s academic, social, emotional, physical and ethical potential in a caring and safe environment.