Clifford Academy Returns to Full-Time, In-Person Programming on Tuesday, September 2nd 2020-2021 School Year

Located on 166 acres in Walpole, Massachusetts, Clifford Academy is a day, residential and summer program for students who have social, emotional, and learning challenges. Clifford Academy has immediate opening for the fall of 2020.   Clifford Academy is an approved chapter 766 private school for middle and high school students of all genders. Clifford Academy’s curriculum, taught by certified teachers, is aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks.

On Tuesday, September 2nd, Clifford Academy will open the school for full-time, in-person programming.  The safety and well-being of our students and families remains the top priority.  We will communicate regularly with students, families and staff if changes are made or plans are discontinued.

Three models

In-Person - Starting on Tuesday, September 2nd, we will offer 5 days of in-person programming to Clifford Academy students.  We will continue to offer remote programming for those students and families interested.

Hybrid - The hybrid model blends the traditional face-to-face instruction with the asynchronous and synchronous online learning.  The hybrid model uses A/B cohort that isolates two distinct cohorts of students who attend school on different days of the week.

Remote  - The remote program offers live  classes and structure time for services such as Speech, O/T and Reading.

Health and Safety Requirements

Stay home if staff and/or students are sick:
Clifford Academy students and staff must stay home if they are feeling sick or have any symptom associated with COVID-19.

Wear face coverings and masks at all times:
Students and staff must wear face coverings or masks, with exceptions only for those students or staff for whom it is not safe to do so due to age, medical conditions, or other considerations. In cases in which face coverings or masks are not possible, social distancing of 3-6 feet is required, unless not feasible due to the personal situation. Parents will be responsible for providing students with face coverings or masks. Clifford Academy will have disposable masks available for students who need them. Staff may choose to wear their own mask, or one provided by the school.

Practice frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing:
All students and staff must engage in frequent hand washing, including upon arrival, before and after meals, after bathroom use, after coughing or sneezing, and before dismissal. We will provide time in the schedule to allow for frequent and effective hand washing in which individuals use soap and water to wash all surfaces of their hands for at least 20 seconds, wait for visible lather, rinse thoroughly, and dry with an individual disposable towel. If hand washing is not available, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content can be used.

Maintain 3-6 feet of separation at all times:
All students and staff must maintain a social distance of 3-6 feet to the greatest extent possible. Desks must be spaced at least 3-6 feet apart and facing the same direction, and the separation must be maintained when students are entering and exiting the building and moving through the school (including to and within restrooms) when feasible.

Isolation and discharge protocols for students who may become ill during the day:  Clifford Academy has a room isolated from the main floor for students who become sick during the school day. The room is maintained for students with COVID-19 symptoms and is separate from the nurse’s office.

Isolate staff and students when sick:
Instead of transitioning to different classrooms, students will remain in same classroom for the day.  Groups will not mix with other students. At this time, group sizes are restricted to a maximum of 6 students, with a maximum of 7 individuals, including students and staff, in each room.  Students will leave the classroom to go to the gym or outside while continuing to maintain the 3-6 feet separation expectation.

Clean, sanitize and disinfect high-touch areas: Clifford Academy will ensure that facilities and surfaces are regularly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected in accordance with health and safety guidelines and that hazardous materials are disposed of properly.

Use entry screenings:
All staff and students must answer "no" the two-entry screening questions prior to entering the school building.

Safe practices on transportation: All bus/van drivers must maximize space between riders and follow requirements for wearing masks or face coverings.  Windows must be kept open when possible.  Buses and vans must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

Training for staff and students: All staff and students will receive training on the new health and safety standards and practices.


Clifford Academy

  399 Lincoln Rd, Walpole, MA 02081

  Phone: (508) 668-7703
  Fax: (508) 660-9639

  PRINCIPAL: William Baga