Curriculum Clifford Academy takes various steps to provide all students with essential learning opportunities that prepare our students to reach the state's graduation standards.

Clifford Academy provides students with a warm and inviting therapeutic atmosphere.  The needs of each individual student are met based on their current levels of academic performance, therapeutic and social needs, Individualized Education Program (IEP), and the alignment of the classroom curriculum with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Students are met at their current performance level.  The curriculum is tailored to each student through modifications and accommodations, as outlined in their IEP.  These modifications and accommodations to the curriculum are made in the classroom through information acquired in the enrollment packet, consultation, formal and informal testing, IEP, observations, and data collection.  In addition to aligning the curriculum with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, Clifford Academy has developed curriculum guides specific to each discipline and has developed corresponding assessments that measure student learning.  At the end of each school year, Clifford Academy updates curriculum maps for each discipline to assure their alignment to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Clifford Academy works to prepare students for the MCAS.  Clifford Academy also collects information as needed to complete MCAS Alt portfolio binders for students who are not taking the regular MCAS.  Students prepare for this exam naturally through the curriculum provided to them daily in the classroom.


Clifford Academy

  399 Lincoln Rd, Walpole, MA 02081

  Phone: (508) 668-7703
  Fax: (508) 660-9639

  PRINCIPAL: William Baga

Clifford Academy is a relationship-centered learning community where students, staff, families and community members work collaboratively to develop every student’s academic, social, emotional, physical and ethical potential in a caring and safe environment.