The Horticulture Program at Clifford Academy

In the Horticulture program, students develop skills that form a foundation for the study of biological and natural sciences.  Students will learn environmental influences on horticultural plants, horticultural technology and an introduction to the horticultural industries.  Students will enhance and build upon these skills by engaging in hands-on laboratory exercises, both scientific and vocational.

The horticulture program also includes the cultivation, processing and sale of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers.  Students receive hands-on training in orchard pruning, planting, transplanting and market gardens.  Students work with annual perennials, potted plants and flowering bulbs.

They are involved in marketing products for direct sale.  Students also have an opportunity to study the principles and practices of grounds maintenance. Equipment selection and safe operation will be presented along with current trends in the landscape industry; inclusive of turf, hardscapes, trees, shrubs and flowers.

The Horticulture program develops a professional foundation in the work habits, techniques, and attitude necessary to obtain and retain entry-level position in the horticulture industry. Students are prepared for a variety of phases of the horticulture industry including landscape contractor and nursery management.


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